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A Happy Old Age Or, Home Beyond!

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Truly the longest life is but a little while - when compared with eternity. It is but a tiny drop in the wide ocean; but as a grain of sand on the boundless shore! Life soon passes it away - and we are gone forever! And when we look forward - how soon shall we be in our graves! A few more days - and we shall come to the end of our little span. Very soon the silver cord will be severed, the golden bowl will be broken - and our dust will return to the ground it came from, and our spirit will return to God who gave it. Then we will go to our eternal home and mourners go about the streets! Perhaps, dear reader, you are drawing to the close of a long life. It may be that your thoughts have long been turned heavenwards. And if so, I know that a word of counsel will be welcome to you. But if, on the other hand, you have been thoughtless hitherto, I will try and make you thoughtful now. Whatever has been your past history, I want to give you in this book a few hints as to how you may turn to the best account, the time that still remains to you. I want to do you some good. I want to make your last days the best and happiest of all your life.

Home Is On Top Of A Dog House

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Celebrate the meaning of home with the warmth and wit of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang.

This new collector's edition elegantly recreates the original look and feel of the best-loved Peanuts book, presenting the heartwarming content that charmed the world, sold millions, and launched the career of Charles M. Schulz in a beautiful new gift edition. On every spread there’s a tiny tidbit of wisdom from one of the gang, along with one of Schulz’s irresistible drawings.  It’s a trip down memory lane that every Peanuts fan will cherish.

About the Author

Charles M. Schulz is a legend. He was the hand and heart behind fifty years of Peanuts, which featured one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable cast of cartoon characters, until his death in 2000.

A Long Way From Home

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Excerpts from: "A Long Way From Home"

When life comes full circle, you will realize
All you ever needed, you already had
You just refused to listen

Envisioned Freedom

Denise, like the prodigal son, was eager to vacate the family nest and begin her journey as an adult. She would be eighteen years old soon, and she had been planning her birthday for months. Denise had been contemplating and envisioning her "freedom." She thought of freedom as getting away from Mom and Dad and being on her own. So many teens are seduced this way. Life is hard and often the "realness" of life is camouflaged by television, lies, and suggestions of friends. Parents' warnings often fade to the background once a teenager has his or her mind made up.

Denise believed that she knew all about life and was in control of her destiny. There would be no curfew, no rules to abide by, no more church, and no one to answer to.

Satisfaction in Suffering

William finally made it home and frantically entered the door and rushed into Denise's room. She was all packed and sitting on her bed. Her face was filled with sternness and an uncompromising expression. It would seem that she had rehearsed this moment-that she had predicted William's response, anticipated and even longed for the hurt, which flushed in his frightful face. With each word that William poured forth in anguish and desperation, Denise felt gratified, justified. She felt satisfaction in his suffering. She was delighted as Denise looked still-faced into William's tear-filled eyes. She seemed to be without feelings. Denise poured forth with a mocking, bitter spirit. It was too hard to watch. Her eyes were all aglow, not with joy but with revenge, anger, and hostility. She displayed this arrogance as William emptied himself at her feet.

How Did the Light Get Broken?

They questioned one another about how the back light could have been broken. They arrived at a local hardware store, purchased some items, and returned the van only to find that the trunk was left opened once again. They each looked with fear into the eyes of the other and jumped in the van and raced back to the abandoned apartment building. Without saying one word to the other, they both knew what the other was thinking-the last few hours, the door being left unlocked, the trunk left unlocked, the back light broken and finally, being stopped by the cops. Something wasn't adding up.

They exited the half-parked van and ran into the apartment building. They raced to the place where they thought they had left Denise. It was like the last few miles of a long, long race, with the finish line in view. One man ran and pushed the other man, who then fell to the floor with both eyes focused toward the room where Denise had been held captive. The other man, panting, full of fear, anxious, and now flushed with anger, pushed through the door and ran toward what seemed to be a body covered by a worn, dust-filled blanket. As he swiftly threw the blanket back, his mind raced with the possibilities of imprisonment and even the charge of murder. The cover came unpeeled in his hands, as it moved at the horrified man's forceful command. His eyes stared down toward the image. The other man still lay fearfully on the floor, near the entrance. The man on the floor knew that bad or good would be determined by the next words from that room.

She was gone!

Million Tiny Things

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A Million Tiny Things chronicles the escapades of a wannabe "green mom" trying to keep her sense of humor while hanging on to a lifeline, or at least a laundry line, of hope. In this age of anxious parenting and frantic Save the Earth messages, Kenna Lee answers the question, "How do we stay out of denial without getting depressed?" With a willful optimism, Lee travels the long distance from eco-overwhelm to self-forgiveness via a growing belief that large numbers of small pro-environment actions can add up to a better world.

Finding Home In The Sandy Lands Of The South

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The natural history of Florida comes alive in this merry romp through its sandhills and swamps. Join naturalist Jack Putz as he discovers home where the soils are sandy and the accents Southern. Each essay in this series brings alive some aspect of familiar nature in the Sunshine State. With sprinklings of history and culture, the author shares his insights about the Spanish moss draping your live oaks and the pocket gophers tunneling in your yard. He shows that exciting nature is often readily accessible, just outside the door, underfoot, and overhead. The subtext in the 52 nature essays that compose this volume is the author's personal struggle to accept Florida and the South as his home. The path he takes to this personal discovery slogs through cypress swamps, climbs into the canopies of savanna live oaks, and chases fox squirrels through longleaf pine savannas. Along the way he shares his botanical and ecological insights about everything from sand grains to hurricanes. There's something here for readers interested in wild edible plants, those who are curious about Tung Blossom Queens, and anyone interested in foraging for wild edibles.


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