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What Question To Ask When Renting An Apartment

When you are looking at apartments, there are some questions to as when renting an apartment. You need to know if the locks are changed. Not all property managers change the locks and count on previ........ Read More

Breaking An Apartment Lease When Renting

Breaking an apartment lease when renting can pose a few problems if the property owner is not as understanding as you would like. When you sign the agreement, you need to be aware of what your optio........ Read More

Renting An Apartment With Bad Credit

When renting an apartment with bad credit, you should keep a few things in mind. A property manager will run a credit check, therefore, it is always best to disclose any necessary information regard........ Read More

Renting An Apartment With Other People

Renting a house with other people does work for many people, but sometimes it can be a nightmare. If you do rent a house with other people, you will want to make sure that everyone's name is on the ........ Read More

The Apartment Leasing Agreement Protects You When Renting

The apartment leasing agreement protects you when renting a home or an apartment. The agreement drawn up by the property owner not only protects the owner, but it does protect you. If you have an ap........ Read More

How To Buy An Apartment Building

How to buy an apartment building? You could start with a look in the newspaper, a visit to a broker, or a search online - all good ways. Of course, since you're looking at the same properties as every........ Read More

Apartments, One Man's Dream Is Another's Nightmare

Apartments. Usually somebody's first home after getting married. Can't really say they're relatively cheap anymore. Depending on where you live, apartments can run you anywhere from several hundred to........ Read More

Decorating A Rental Apartment

Those who live in a rental apartment are usually quite limited in the amount of decorating they are able to do. This can have the impact of making a rental apartment not quite feel like a real home......... Read More

Cheap Apartments For Students

Anyone who has been to college can probably give you good advice about finding cheap apartments for students. Those about to go to college may think they don’t need this information, but some find........ Read More

Apartment Searches: Lose The Rose-colored Glasses First

If you're getting ready to rent, don't do what this editor did once ... a long, long time ago. Don't walk into the unit -- particularly if it's not the same unit you're getting ("It's pretty similar,........ Read More

Not All Apartment Leases Are Created Equal

Before signing any lease: Take a walk through the unit that you are renting to make sure it is in good repair. Be sure to read the lease completely. All leases are not the same. What should be incl........ Read More

Renting A Low Income Apartment

If you are renting a low income apartment, you should know some facts about these rentals. The first thing to understand is the rent amount. These owners receive benefits for being low income housin........ Read More

How Much Apartment Can You Afford?

Deciding how much apartment they can afford is one of the most important decisions a renter will have to make. This decision will help to determine a number of factors include the size and location ........ Read More

Moscow Apartment Rentals Give Business Travelers An Edge

After years of post-Soviet Union floundering, Russia is reemerging on the world stage as a political, social, and economic powerhouse. According to Time Magazine, which named Russian President Vladimi........ Read More

Paris Apartments Marais

"Located right in the very center of Paris, in a charming sidestreet of the historic Marais area, this duplex apartment combines the classic Parisian charm of exposed beam architecture with the comfor........ Read More


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Bayside Apartment Small Home Tiny Home
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